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Herb Companion Planting

Herb Companion Planting

The table shows a range of companion planting plans for a wide range of herbs. Join the different members of the herb family together can really benefit a vegetable patch or small allotment increasing the natural insecticidal and pesticidal properties of the garden.

Herb Companion for Pests Repelled Avoid
Allium(Onion Family) vegetables, fruit trees aphids, carrot flies, moles, tree borers, and weevils peas and beans
Angelica(Angelica archangelica) Dill
Basil(Ocimum basilicum) Tomatoes Flies, Mosquitoes Rue
Bay leaves beans or grains weevils and moths
Borage(Borago officinalis) Tomatoes, Squash, Strawberries Tomato Worm
Caper Spurge or Mole Plant (Euphorbia lathyris Moles and Mice poisonous, irritant milky sap
Caraway(Carum carvi) Good for loosening the soil. Avoid Dill
Castor Oil Plant(Ricinus communis). Moles seeds extremely poisonous
Catnip(Nepeta cataria) Aubergine Flea Beetle, Ants
Chamomile(Chamaemilum nobile) Cabbage, Onion
Coriander(Coriandrum sativum) all vegetables Aphids attracts Bees
Chervil(Anthriscus cerefolium ) Radish
Chives(Allium schoenoprasum) Carrots Root Flies
Dill(Anethum graveolens) Cabbage Carrots and Caraway
Fennel(Foeniculum vulgare) Most plants
Feverfew(Chrysanthemum parthenium syn. Tanacetum parthenium) Roses attracts Aphids away seeds freely
Garlic Roses, Raspberries Aphids
Henbit(Lamium amplexicaule) General Insect Repellent
Hyssop(Hyssopus officinalis ) Cabbage, Grapes Cabbage White Butterflies Dislikes Radishes
Lavender(Lavandula angustifolia) Moths – make sachet with southernwood, wormwood and rosemary, use in doors
Marigolds(Tagetes sp.) most have aromatic foliage Good companion to most plants Nematodes, Aphids and others
Mexican marigold(Tagetes minuta), Muster-John-Henry Good insect repellant, inhibits ground-elder and some other weeds
Mint(Mentha sp. ) Cabbage, Tomatoes Cabbage White Butterflies, Aphids, Flea Beetles invasive roots
Mustard(Brassica juncea) cabbage, cauliflower, radish, brussel sprouts, turnips, and kohlrabi a trap crop to attract many insect pests
Nasturtium(Tropaeolum majus) Radishes, Cabbage, Squashes and Pumpkims, fruit trees Aphids, Squash Bugs, Striped Pumpkin Beetle
Oregano(Origanum vulgare) Brassicas Cabbage Butterflies
Pennyroyal(Mentha pulegium ) Roses Flies, Mosquitoes, Fleas, others invasive roots
Petunia(Petunia hybrida) Beans
Pot Marigold(Calendula officinalis) Tomatoes Tomato Worm, Asparagus Beetles, Whitefly
Pyrethrums(Chrysanthemum cinaeriofolium) Dried flower heads make an insecticide.
Rosemary(Rosmarinus officinalis Cabbage, Beans, Carrots, Sage Cabbage Butterflies, Bean Beetle, Carrot Fly
Rue(Ruta gaveolens) Roses and Raspberries Japanese Beetles Dislikes Sweet Basil
Sage(Salvia officinalis) Rosemary, Cabbage, Carrots Cabbage Moth, Carrot Fly, Flea Beetle, Slugs Dislikes Cucumbers
Southernwood(Artemesia abrotanum) Cabbages Cabbage Butterflies
Summer Savory(Satureia hortensis ) Beans Bean Beetles
Tansy(Tanacetum vulgare) Fruit Trees, Roses, Raspberries Flying Insects, Japanese Beetles, Striped Cucumber Beetles, Squash Bugs, Ants, Flies
Thyme(Thymus vulgaris) Cabbage Cabbage Worm
Wormwood(Artemisia absinthium) Moths, Slugs, Carrot Fly. Plant at boundaries to keep animals out of the garden. Fresh material will stunt growth of young plants, use dried sprigs
Yarrow(Achillea millefolium ) Plant near aromatic herbs to enhance production of essential oils. Attracts Hover Flies and their larvae prey on Aphids

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