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Turf That is Ideal For Any Garden

For those that are looking to lay some brand new turf down in their gardens, we have a great selection to choose from. When looking to improve your garden, high quality turf can be a very effective tool. No garden is complete without grass, so take a look at the options below that are available to you.


meadow turf
Meadow Turf

A good quality utility grade family turf. Comes in a square yard roll.
£2.50 per roll. Minimum Local order 25 rolls.
Local delivery to Birmingham postcodes £20.

cultivated turf
Cultivated Turf

Premium Branded Cultivated Turf
Greenhouse grown and delivered fresh at your door in 48 hours. The best quality turf available on the market. Slow growing and resistant to weeds. Metre square rolls. £3.50 per roll . up to 70 rolls on a pallet. £60 per pallet delivered. Call for discounts for large orders.

Genuine Home Services

Genuine Home Services offers a range of gardening services and products. The services provided include fencing installation, tree surgery, landscaping and more.

In addition, Genuine Home Services offer gardening products that you can purchase directly from them for a bargain including sheds, artificial turf and aggregates. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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